The Initial Version of CORE has been Released

06/05/2019 02:39:34 | By Administrator

The initial version of CORE has been released!

What is is an Open-source Multi-purpose Content Management System.

What is CORE? CORE is the core of content management system. If you want to have a website then you have to install the CORE first.

What are the features of this initial version?

The current features of the initial version of CORE are:

  • Administrators & Administrator Groups
  • Users & User Groups
  • Filemanager
  • Front-end Theming System
  • Menu System
  • Widget System
  • Static Widget System
  • Layout System
  • Module System
  • Website Settings
  • Supports Multi-language
  • CORE, Modules, Themes Updater System
  • Error Logs


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